1xbet sports betting bonus

1xbet sports betting bonus

1xbet bonus

1xbet Bonus Bets

there was a welcome bonus that provides at the time of the first top-up, by credit card, postepay, bank transfer or postal bulletin a bonus equal to 20% of the same top-up. From a minimum of € 10 up to a maximum of € 300 voucher. Old 1xbet customers can now play on SNAI.
1xbet is one of the most interesting news in the field of Italian bookmakers. Born from a company that has worked in the sector for over thirty years with the aim of creating an innovative portal where you can bet but also play poker, always respecting legality. Each played bet is recorded on your gaming account and sports betting bonus transmitted to the central information system of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in order to guarantee official status.

Open a Game Account on 1xbet

The account that is activated by the player for free allows him to play wherever he is. The Account can be recharged using the most common means of payment such as bank transfers, credit cards and online top-ups available at 1xbet point present throughout the national territory